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Get all 3 EBooks as a Collection and enjoy the Newdawn Story!

Newdawn Roamers


I am Tesh… Stranded in a different time dimension with no way back to the future, but for the first time free of the System dictating who I am, and who my partner can be. I do not know if my people are still alive and yet I am here to save them, but if I do… I will lose the man I love for the System forbids us to be together.

If I do not create a new future quickly, the entire planet is screwed and all is lost.

Newdawn Saga Guide

The NEWDAWN Saga Guide is the ultimate guide to the world of NEWDAWN and its universe. A comprehensive compendium for fans new and old, this is a must-have… This includes Full-color CGI photos of the world building behind NEWDAWN. Detailed information on the inner workings of Ang City. Full-color CGI photos and illustrations of our characters Tesh, Leane, Streak and Blast. Detailed facts about the Conclaves that govern our world in 2098. Essential knowledge of the role of the DAINN Network. Pertinent material on the class system in NEWDAWN. Essential intelligence on the NEWDAWN Universal Life Codecs. Quotes and Reviews.

Newdawn Central

My name is Tesh. I am with my team… Out of twenty of us, only four are now awake. The others are still buried somewhere inside the mountain. The warning we received from the entity was clear. Time is running out to find all of them spread across five different Chambers. When it unleashes its power, the Sphere will destroy everything, and if we are caught inside… But I don’t have a choice and have to risk it. Despite the odds, we have infiltrated the space below the Center, and found something else… a structure with an energy signature we have never encountered before. Can we decipher what it is in time? Could this be where Streak is held?