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Our author, Dominique Luchart is currently working on editing the second volume of the NEWDAWN Saga Series: NEWDAWN CENTRAL. It is exciting as she will soon launch this second book, which continues Tesh’s journey through space and time with her team. Our favorite heroine finds herself with more challenges than she bargained for… And CENTRAL brings you to the heart of this YA SciFi Fantasy Romance Adventure.

My name is Tesh. I am with my team… Out of twenty of us, only four are now awake. The others are still buried somewhere inside the mountain. The warning we received from the entity was clear. Time is running out to find all of them spread across five different Chambers. When it unleashes its power, it will destroy everything, but I don’t have a choice and have to risk it. So, despite the odds, we have infiltrated the space below the Center, and found something else… a structure with an energy signature we have never encountered before. HellNet, will this kill us or managed to free us?



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