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  • Newdawn Reboot is a creative and imaginative masterpiece. Be prepared to glimpse into Dominique’s futuristic world where society as we know it is no more. Reboot will leave you wanting more, and more is coming.”

    Peter Michael Biondolillo

  • “Luchart navigates the most uncharted territory humanity has ever known…. the future.  Giving shape and meaning to the otherwise formless unknown, Newdawn Reboot sets out to tackle the deepest struggles humankind could endure when faced with the edge of existence.”

    Stephanie Drapeau.

  • NEWDAWN REBOOT transported me to 2098. When I read this book, I could not put it down. I felt like I had traveled in a time warp and could not beam down until I could reach the end of the book and read the last sentence I was petrified of what I may find. Then I thought… where is the next book? ”

    Spencer Beck

  • New Dawn Reboot from the very first chapter is an intriguing and unconventional SciFi thriller whose setting and story make excellent use of the “Biotic Man” theory where Biology and Computer Sciences have symbiotically created a new Modern Man. The unconventional comes not from this New World order that is actually closer to reality than we dare think but from the way the story intriguingly and subtly develops as humanity is inexplicably hijacked. Each character’s voice and storyline are cleverly threaded together as they move toward their destinies in very cinematic and intentionally nonlinear tones. You are reading a book (an easy flowing read at that) where each chapter is actually like watching a great SciFi TV series that keeps you guessing what will happen next with the advantage that you don’t have to wait for next week’s episode to find out.

    Jean-Philippe Girod

  • “I love the idea and wish to be part of it. Working with Dominique who has a definite vision for the world she has created is exciting and will undoubtedly be a great opportunity as well as a challenge for any actor joining our team.”

    Judie Beecher

  • Newdawn Reboot is one of a kind experience. I am a huge Scifi fan and the world of Ang City instantly sucked me in. I can’t wait for others to experience this creative and imaginative book!”

    Mandi Mellen

  • “Newdawn Reboot is a fascinating and imaginative look into the not too distant future of this planet, which is immensely captivating and eerily plausible. Dominique has created an all-encompassing, vast new world built upon our own and the challenges we currently face. This new world emerge through the technological advances that rely on artificial intelligence to combat an out of control climate and at times, population. Incredibly prescient in context and brilliantly constructed in scope and detail. I highly recommend this book and becoming part of the NEWDAWN community.”

    Matt Harrison

  • “NEWDAWN Reboot is one of a kind epic that delves into the human condition and where we are heading as a technology dependent society. I’ve always held a soft spot for scifi and the landscape that Dominique Luchart has so elegantly crafted is so brutally poignant, it leaves me aching formore. I cannot wait to see where the NEWDAWN experience takes me next.”

    Natalie Kabenjian

Newdawn SAGA

Volume 1

Newdawn Roamers

A Science Fiction Fantasy Romance Adventure for Young Adults and The Young At Heart

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Newdawn 2098

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