I love science fiction and I have always loved it. More importantly though, I love scifi because I like to look over the horizon, and determine the shape of things to come. I like to envision trends and market shifts, but mostly, I like to know where we are going.

Why? Well, it is entertaining, but it is also much more than that. It relates to all of us. How? Over centuries, we have focused on changing our environment. Now, we are embarking on something much bigger. With the advances of science and technology, we are entering an era where we will focus on changing ourselves.

Why does it matter? This is a drastic change in our evolution as human beings because this will impact who we become as a species, and how we shape our future.

There will be many things to consider in the years ahead including who do we want to be? With the advances of science and technology, we will have many options. Furthermore, transitioning to keep up with the age of the machine will require an adaptation that could very well transform us.

While our future can be quite bright, making our lives easier with artificial intelligence, robotics, drones, genetic engineering, facial recognition and so much more, it can also go the other way, leaving the next generation open to very difficult challenges. As caretakers of our planet, our intrinsic responsibility is to ensure the survival of all there is on Earth. This can only occur if and when we build enough awareness to engender a shift. The value we give to life, all lives, is squarely at the center of this.

In addition, the moral and ethical imperatives cannot be ignored. Issues of equality, citizenship and privacy are bound to require a lot of consideration, as our societies transform around the globe.

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