One Action.

One Life.

A future.

Are you ready to be transported into a different time dimension? Let Dominique Luchart, an award-winning director, bring you into a whole new world filled with stunning twists and turns, great characters, and thoughtful dialogue.

“I have no way to know if my people are still alive, and yet I am here to save them. If I do… Tomorrow will never be the same. And if I do not create a new future quickly, all will be lost.” -Tesh

 Coerced to join a rival Conclave and forced to control minds and alter events as a Shaper of thoughts for the Institute, Tesh embarks on Origin. What happens when she uses her powers to ignite crowds to follow her will for the System, a Planetary Artificial Neural Network that dictates everything in the world of 2098?

Stranded in a different time dimension and with no way back to the future she knows, Tesh is free of the System, for the very first time, but the planetary crisis still looms on the horizon, and from deep space, the threat that dooms an entire civilization still approaches.

Newdawn Roamers is a captivating tale in the great dystopian Science Fiction tradition of Veronica Roth, Suzanne Collins, and Lauren Oliver.


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