Did you know... Our Champion story?

Did you know... That it stands at the root of many other incredible benefits in our daily life... It fights quite effectively colds and is used as a decongestant with anti-inflammatory properties.

Its natural oil improves coughs and chronic bronchitis. As a home remedy, it is quite effective and can be used as a eucalyptus-infused rub to the chest area or one can inhale its vapor for a natural solution to coughs. Its natural oil can also clean the body from harmful toxins as an antiviral with antibacterial healing properties. It can also be beneficial in a diffuser at night with a few drops of eucalyptus oil providing relief from cold and flu symptoms. Its effects is tantamount to a Trojan, lowering body temperature and fever, further widening blood vessels enabling better circulation and allowing the body to return to its natural temperature.

The aroma of eucalyptus can also act as a stimulant, boosting mood, revitalizing and releasing stress. By mixing eucalyptus oil and peppermint oil in a diffuser, you can simply let nature take its course and feel the immediate result.

Eucalyptus oil can also do wonder for your hair. DYI formula… A couple of drops added to olive oil, argan or other natural oils and apply one hour before washing your hair. This treatment will give your hair bounce and shine. Something else you might not know… It is a chemical-free remedy for hair lice!

Since it is an antiseptic, you can say bye bye to bad breath quite naturally. Add a drop to your tooth brush before brushing your teeth in the morning or to any mouthwash and it is done. It doesn’t stop here… It is the perfect home remedy for aching muscles and general body pain. Add a nice amount to a hot bath and relax.

Its antibacterial qualities are a dream come through for home cleaning, its anti-fungal properties neutralize odors leaving everything crisp in a totally green way, which is good for the environment.

Eucalyptus trees are also extremely absorbent. In regions susceptible to Malaria, they have been planted to draw water from soil for the main purpose of reducing the spread of the disease. This is so in geographical areas like Algeria, Europe and the United States.

This is our little factual story about this wondrous tree fighting for us in all corner of the globe against so many things for our benefit and on our behalf.

For every bottle you buy, we will take one dollar and plant a Eucalyptus tree. This is the way of NEWDAWN, as our future depends on what we do today. As a NEWDAWNER, you join the movement to safeguard our planet and generations to come for we hope to leave behind a legacy worthwhile for all of us. It begins today as we shape tomorrow.

A little trivia... In the world of NEWDAWN, where do the Eucalyptus survive in 2098? Find out more about the world of NEWDAWN. More than a book, a whole new universe.