Newdawn Roamers Mobi Version


As a cataclysmic event is about to destroy the megapolis of Ang,

the Perfect Humans face extinction. In an effort to save their civilization,

the Council of Nations has implemented four different programs.

Tesh and her friends Liane, Streak, and Blast have been selected by their

conclave to enter Origin. Inside the safety complex that will lead

them away from everything they know… they await, in the deep sleep of

cryo, to awake somewhere in time… in the year 2018.

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Coerced to join a rival conclave, Tesh is forced to control minds and alter events. Your EBook version will be sent directly to your email upon purchase!

A Prequel To The NEWDAWN Saga – The ROAMERS flee the future because, in 2098, the ROAMERS are the only hope to save their world.

To save her world, Tesh leaves everything behind and shapes a new future into the past.

A Technologically Driven Society On The Brink Of Extinction

In 2098, Tesh, groomed to fulfill her future role as the leader of the SRC Conclave, grows up under the tender care of her parents and DAINN’s mentoring.  Indeed, the planetary Network DAINN oversees the infrastructure of an entire world, including training all individuals within the System. With its help, Tesh masters her powers as a future leader. Suddenly, events rip apart the fabric of her young life, and she must join the Institute Conclave against her will. See Departure.

Conclaves Fighting For Power

Now belonging to another Conclave, Tesh fights to write her destiny amidst hidden agendas and seeks to regain her freedom. In a world where her mind is a powerful asset, she works to outsmarts those who want to control her. See our NEWDAWN Saga Guide.

As her Academy graduation nears, she will soon take her place with the young leaders of the next generation. Yet, an unforeseen event confronts the planet. An anomaly in space looms on the horizon. To save their civilization from an impending disaster,  the Council of Nations implements four different programs: Alpha, Origin, Provenance, and Aurora.

The Crown Jewel Of The Future

The golden city of Ang stands tall under domes operated by the A.I. DAINN. As the crowned jewel of man’s achievement, Ang protects our race against the rough landscapes of a Planet in turmoil. Ironically though, having evolved into smarter, faster, more reliable, and better versions of ourselves with enhanced genetics and implants, the Perfect Humans live as a race fighting extinction.

While the domes can withstand violent climatic storms, they cannot face a new impending threat without certain doom. And so, the Perfect Humans must now overcome a cataclysm about to destroy everything on Earth’s surface.

Programs Dedicated to Saving Humanity

Accordingly, safeguarding humankind becomes the goal of an entire civilization. As such, the Origin program, standing separate from the others, is meant to change outcomes. For this reason, Tesh faces a new destiny. She enters the Origin safety complex with Leane, Streak, and Blast along with members of the four other Conclaves. Their task… Change the future using their powers and training.

The four different programs will take the Perfect Humans away from Earth in an effort to save their civilization. The Origin program, standing separate from the others, is meant to change outcomes. Tesh, leads her team and enters the safety complex with Leane, Streak and Blast and members of the four other conclaves. For the first time, the fate of their people rest on their young shoulders with a program that they do not even know is remotely possible.  Their task… change the future using their powers and training.

A Future That Lies Into The Past

In the darkness of their pods, they leave everything they know.  They await, in the deep sleep of Cryo to awaken somewhere in 2018. Stranded in this time to change the future as Roamers, they are but a handful to tip the balance, and save the planet from destruction.

A New Freedom

In the past, Tesh will taste real freedom and shape a new future for humanity. She will confront the Center, an institution threatening their very goal. Unleashing her powers and that of the other Conclave members, they develop a new timeline, meant to avoid a future that will destroy mankind. Their actions, along with those of Chase and Gen, will change what tomorrow brings.

A Dystopian Novel the likes of Veronica Roth, Suzanne Collins, and Lauren Oliver

The first volume of this saga, NEWDAWN ROAMERS, spans many years and carries the NEWDAWN journey over multiple lifetimes, crossing to other realms beyond that of our dimension. The debut novel from Dominique Luchart, NEWDAWN ROAMERS, is a new addition to the great dystopian Science Fiction tradition of Veronica Roth, Suzanne Collins, and Lauren Oliver.