I Am NEWDAWN – Women’s Eco Triblend Scoop Neck


Available in S, M, L.


Women’s eco Triblend Scoop Neck Royal Apparel 32112
Available with a TEAR AWAY LABEL
Set on rib collar
Double needle sleeve hem
Double needle bottom hem
Side seamed

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I Am NEWDAWN – Women’s Eco Triblend Scoop Neck

 I am NEWDAWN! – Je suis NEWDAWN!


Our  Je Suis NEWDAWN Line is all about looking toward the future. Accordingly, be part of the movement of NEWDAWNERS eager to shape what lies ahead for all of us.

The Look For Tomorrow

Talking about the future, in the next few years, simplicity and practicality will become a way of life, if it isn’t already for most of us. Not to mention, it will become the staple of the totally tomorrow today, and reach mainstream even in areas other than beach towns like Malibu.

Sustainable Fashion

Moreover, our product lines are a sustainable fashion brand that makes Drift into classic staples for leisure and sporting casual wear. Similarly, all our clothing is geared to be easy, simple and fun to wear. It is made with the most natural and organic non-toxic materials. In particular, it boasts vibrant colors and a fresh clean look. You will find soft fabrics for relaxing days, and comfortable blends for cool nights. These make NEWDAWN the must have…

As a matter of fact, Je Suis NEWDAWN, our EARTHBOUND – Drift product line is a sustainable fashion brand that makes Drift into classic staples for leisure and sporting casual wear. It is available in five colors.

Insights Into The NEWDAWN Story

Similarly, the symbol on your T-shirt symbolizes Earth in the iconic NEWDAWN Nascent language. This was spoken a long time ago, in a place and time unknown to most. The icon on our Tees depicts our story and one possible future of the planet. It is about a way of life and our philosophy to improve our world for generation to come.

A Symbol For All

So, the truth is that our T-shirt symbolizes the turning point. It is also the year of hope, resolve and human ingenuity for every human capability, every achievement in any field worked together toward one end… Saving our civilization.

It’s All About Storytelling The Movement

Not to mention that the Newdawn storylines, as highlighted in the NEWDAWN Saga, and especially ROAMERS features our future, as the planet evolves toward an unknown destiny. As caretakers of our world, we are the movement for good to avoid the potential cataclysmic future we all face. It is by joining forces with fellow NEWDAWNERS that we can promote a new way of life and make this world a better one.