Distressed Trucker Hat (Adams OL102)

  • $29.00
  • Contents: 100% cotton front panel and visor, 100% nylon mesh back panel
  • Sizes: S/M (6 3/4″ – 7 1/4″) | L/XL (7 1/8″ – 7 5/8″)
  • Adjustable: Yes – Plastic snap
  • Additional Features: Distressed torn visor, cotton twill sweatband; four rows of stitching on bill, pigment-dyed front panels, plastic tab back closure; Cool-Crown™ mesh lining
  • Visor: structured
  • Panels: 6
  • Profile: Mid
  • Colors: Forest/Tan, Khaki/Tan, Miss Mud/Tan, Nautical Red/Tan, Navy/Tan, Royal/Tan
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The Sun Shines Brightly on NEWDAWN

Our NEWDAWN EARTHBOUND – Basics product line is a sustainable fashion brand that makes basics into classic staples for leisure and sporting casual wear. Our hats/caps are made of cotton, and fun to wear while fitting many moods. Women and men can find their choices. All our clothing is geared to be easy, simple and fun to wear and is made with the most natural and organic non-toxic materials. A little bit shorter and with vibrant colors, a fresh clean look, in soft fabrics for relaxing days, and comfortable blends for cool nights make NEWDAWN the must have… It is available in six colors.

The Earth Icon – A Source of Power

The symbol on your T-shirt symbolizes Earth in the iconic NEWDAWN Nascent language. This was spoken a long time ago, in a place and time unknown to most. The icon on our Tees depicts our story and one possible future of the planet. It is about a way of life and our philosophy to improve our world for generation to come. You will see other symbols being introduced in the next few months and their meaning will be different to fit your mood and personality. We will keep you in the loop with each new collection.

It’s All About Storytelling The Movement

The Newdawn storylines, as highlighted in the NEWDAWN Saga, and especially ROAMERS features our future, as the planet evolves toward an unknown destiny. As caretakers of our world, we are the movement for good to avoid the potential cataclysmic future we all face. It is by joining forces with fellow NEWDAWNERS that we can promote a new way of life and make this world a better one. The NEWDAWN Universal Pledge outlines the vision for a better future. As we move toward tomorrow with science, technology and innovation leading the way to a huge transformation of our environment and ourselves, NEWDAWN is bound to carry out a mission to build awareness about what lays ahead.

Your NEWDAWNER Status Helps The Planet

When you buy a NEWDAWN product, you become a NEWDAWNER. For each T-Shirt you purchase in the NEWDAWN EarthBound Line, we will plant a tree. We will also build our community, our videos series, our games, as well as continue with the NEWDAWN Saga – a series of novels that will transport you through space and time in a romance adventure set in the environment of our potential future. Of course, we will continue to position our brand for a worldwide impact.



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